Fight Fit Instructors Reveal All….

Have you go what it takes to become a Fight Fit instructor? We’re looking for people with passion, drive and a motivation to help others succeed with their fitness goals.

Let’s hear from three of our instructors – Sam, Rhonda and Jane – on what they enjoy most about being a Fight Fit Combat Fitness Instructor.

Fight Fit RhondaRhonda

“Becoming a Fight Fit Combat Fitness Instructor has given me so much confidence both professionally and personally.”

“It has also contributed to my mental health and well-being. I can have such a stressful day at my day job but as soon as I pull on those Fight Fit clothes my mood lifts and the classes give me such a buzz. ”

“There is no better feeling than getting on that stage and delivering a class to our amazing members and watching the smile on their faces throughout, as well as the sweat flowing from such a hardcore workout. Joining Fight Fit Combat Fitness is the best thing I have ever done – they are like my second family.”


“Being a Fight Fit instructor has changed my life in so many ways. Fight Fit itself gave me my mojo back but instructor training is on another level!!”

“My confidence has rocketed, as has my stamina and zest for life. I also ache in places I never knew existed!”

“Inspiring others with something I have such passion for makes it for me. Helping people achieve their goals and seeing them change makes me incredibly proud. I couldn’t do this without an amazing team either, it’s definitely a Fight Fit family.”



“I’ve always aspired to help, motivate and bring the best out of people,  so being a Fight Fit instructor is my dream job. Exercise means the world to me and with my son growing up, I understand the importance of self-motivation and having a can-do attitude.”

“The family feeling with Fight Fit is something that no other exercise class provides – you get a buzz off the music, tracks are challenging and suitable for any fitness levels. Classes bring village communities together and deliver that happy endorphin feel-good factor. The progression in members is awesome to see – people getting stronger and fitter with my help. It’s a team effort and we drive each other on. I’m proud, passionate and love how Fight Fit has brought the best out of me.”


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