“I watch what I eat and I regularly exercise yet I am struggling to lose that last bit of weight that I want to shift – what else can I do?”

This is a question that we’re often asked by Fight Fit Combat Fitness class members or our Personal Training clients.

How to lose weightOur first advice is to always ask people to firstly take a closer look at their diet and the way they exercise.

You’ll be surprised how keeping a food diary can expose ways your eating habits are working against you.

Or how just tweaking your exercise routines and working on different areas of your body can help shed those precious extra pounds.

Here are some of the common issues we come across with our Fight Fit Combat Fitness members.

Eating the wrong foods or too little

Some people focus a little bit too much on how many calories they have burnt in class rather than looking at what foods they are eating.

Are you eating too many sugary foods? Some so-called ‘healthy snacks’ are often just junk food in disguise.

Are you restricting food groups? When you’re not eating enough, you can send your body into ‘starvation mode’ – experts say this is when your metabolism slows down because it doesn’t know where its next batch of calories is coming from.

Instead of counting calories, make sure you choose a good healthy mix of carbohydrates, such as wholegrains, potatoes, vegetables, fruits and lower fat dairy product and plenty of protein,  such as fish, eggs and lean meats.


Sometimes people are eating the right types of food but are just eating too much of it. Are you a pile it on the plate type of person? Perhaps you need to think about your portion sizes. Are you drinking too many carbonated energy drinks? This is another way that calories can creep in to your daily intake without you realising.

Studies show that people who keep food diaries, or take snaps of their meals, lose more weight than people who don’t well.

Healthy snacking during the day can also stop you from stuffing too much in at meal times.

We also regularly hear the line “I worked so hard at Fight Fit that I earned this massive slice of chocolate cake”! You’re not alone; studies show that people tend to reward themselves with ‘naughty’ foods and large portions after exercising.

It is possible to confuse thirst for hunger, so make sure you have a good drink of water after class before tucking into a feast!


At seven calories per gram, alcohol is closer to fat than to carbohydrate or protein in caloric content. And, calories from alcohol are also often referred to as ’empty calories’, because they don’t contain any nutritional value.

Are alcohol calories spoiling your healthy diet?

Missing out on strength training

Cardio keeps your heart healthy, boosts your metabolism and works up a sweat.  But one of the best ways to lose weight and build lean muscle is by doing some form of strength training in addition to your cardio.

Fight Fit TONE is a great example of resistance strength training. The more muscle tone your body has, the more fat you’ll burn.

Lack of effort

The harder you work the more results you’ll get. We don’t mean to be rude but occasionally we see people in class just going through the motions with half-hearted punches and little determination.

Once you have been to our classes a few times and mastered the techniques for hooks, elbow strikes and kicks, we want to see you really go for it with maximum effort.

Losing inches not pounds

“I haven’t lost any weight for weeks” – no, but you’ve dropped a dress size and look pretty amazing, we often say! We always advise people to ditch the scales. It is actually possible to become leaner and more toned without seeing a change in your weight – you can lose body fat but gain muscle at the same time. Read why we say it’s Time To Ditch The Scales!