Success or Failure? We want¬†95% or we do it AGAIN! That’s the rules at Fight Fit Combat Fitness!

[column size=”one_third” is_last=”false”][pie_chart legend_style=”custom_text” custom_text=”88% -FAIL” line_width=”12″ bar_color=”#c21015″ background_color=”bababa” percentage=”88″]Not good enough[/pie_chart][/column]

[column size=”one_third” is_last=”false”][pie_chart legend_style=”custom_text” custom_text=”92% – FAIL” line_width=”12″ bar_color=”#c21015″ background_color=”bababa” percentage=”92″]Getting close but try harder[/pie_chart][/column]

[column size=”one_third” is_last=”true”][pie_chart legend_style=”custom_text” custom_text=”95% – PASS” line_width=”12″ bar_color=”#4a9939″ background_color=”#3a5733″ percentage=”95″]Whoop – well done![/pie_chart][/column]

At Fight Fit Combat Fitness we want to help you get fit and healthy, so we have put in place performance expectations for every track!

We have strict rules* on what we expect you to achieve in terms of technique, motivation and energy.

We think 95% is a realistic expectation – if you don’t reach this target, we WILL do the track again!

*It’s just a bit of fun really!