Time To Ditch The Scales!

You’ve been eating well and working hard in class but those blasted scales say you’ve only lost one measly ounce in a month. DON’T PANIC AND DON’T GET GLUM!

For many of us, our weight can become a bit of an obsession – a number that dictates how happy or downbeat we feel about ourselves. But as your instructors will often tell you – don’t worry about what the scales say, your weight is not the important factor.

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It is actually possible to become leaner and more toned without seeing a change in your weight. You can lose body fat but gain muscle at the same time. The scales may show minimum weight loss, but your clothes are less tight and you’ve started losing inches.

We believe that if you forget about losing weight and concentrate on working off body fat, you will start looking at your body differently and notice that you’re actually looking a lot slimmer and toned.

4 Ways To Measure Your Progress

Measure Up Before you start exercising or start a new fitness goal, take your measurements including waist, bust and hips, and after a few weeks get the tape measure out again.

See How Your Clothes Look Try on those jeans that you had to be shoehorned into at the start of your fitness journey. We bet they’re feeling a bit less snug now…

Calculate Your Body Fat You can use calipers to determine your body fat – they pinch on to your skinfolds to estimate the total percentage of body fat on your body. You can also use online calculators.

Set Yourself A Goal Forget about losing 5lbs in a week and set yourself targets such as holding a plank position for 10 seconds longer every week, squatting lower with Mr Crab or completing three Fight Fit workouts instead of two!

It’s time to toss the scales out!