Pay less per class! Our concession cards offering classes at reduced prices!

So how do they work? Purchase a card online or from your class instructor. Your card will be stamped with your instructor’s name on the reverse to make this clear to us.

Who looks after the card? It is your responsibility to keep your card safe and to bring it to class to be stamped. We cannot replace lost, stolen or damaged cards and, unfortunately, we cannot allow someone to take part without stamping their card unless they are paying for the class session with cash on the door.

So who runs what classes?

Fight Fit Lins runs the following Selby class – it costs £5 a class and her concession cards costs £50 for 11 classes.

  • Wednesday 6:45pm North Duffield Village Hall
  • Thursday 7:30pm Drax Sports & Social Club
  • Friday 9:3oam The Studios, Selby

Fight Fit Ben, Em and Rhonda run the following York classes – they cost £6 a class and concession cards costs £55 for 11 classes.

  • Monday 730pm St Oswald’s Church
  • Monday 730pm Foxwood Community Centre
  • Wednesday 730pm Joseph Rowntree
  • Thursday 730pm Wheldrake Village Hall
  • Sunday 9am Joseph Rowntree Activity Studio