Glorious Gary!

It was a no-brainer picking our Fight Fit Member of the Month for April – Gary Watson was a man on fire!

Fight Fit Rhonda picked Gary for his amazing effort and hard work.

rhonda and garyFight Fit Rhonda says: “I chose Gaz as he doesn’t just give it 100% in class he gives it 1000%! As a Fight Fit Combat Fitness member, Gaz attends class regularly and the results he has made physically are amazing.”

“This guy has definition on his arms and a six pack underway from attending a mix of Tone, Abs and Combat – he is amazing.”

“Class isn’t the same without him especially when it comes to the Fight Off, where you’re guaranteed to win with Gaz on your side.”

Gary comments on his accolade: “After getting into my mid forties, my chest dropped. Yes, belly became bigger (a family trait) and my trousers became a lot tighter. My ‘other’ hobby is WW2 reenactment and I really try to get that accurate out of respect to the WW2 generation that gave so much and lost so much. I began to, in my opinion, look “wrong” in WW2 kit (not many lads fighting and dying back then had big bellies!).”

“So, I decided to do something about it. I started running. Not far, just a 20 minute run after work. Difficult at first, but then it got easier. So I decided to run a bit further. Then, I realised I was covering 7km runs quite well, pushed up to 10km. Quite pleased with that, but belly wasn’t shifting… ”

Gary Watson“After a family holiday to Greece, my wife Vickie decided she wanted to lose weight, joining Slimmers Qorld and we both enjoyed some wonderful food they suggested and we both began to lose some weight. Result! But then after amazing weight reduction she got ‘stuck’…. the weight refused to reduce for her, another course of action was required.”

“I always told Vickie that diets do not work. Lifestyle change is what loses weight and keeps your weight at what makes you happy. That’s where Fight Fit came into our lives. Vickie was told about Fight Fit by a friend at Slimmers World, so she decided she wanted to try it.”

“She asked me if I would go with her.Me thinking I was reasonably fit said yes, I will be happy to support Vickie in achieving her weight loss goal. I never once thought about myself! We both rocked on up to the first Fight Fit class and was very warmly met by Ben & Em who asked us a few questions about ourselves, our health and our goals, then we began… what the hell just hit us!! LOL!!!”

“Vickie and I loved it from the start so we continued. Tone was next, then Abs until we both try to get to as many classes as we can! Vickie loves the results she is achieving and me… I cannot believe the change in me! Belly has gone! I have definition in by body that I never ever thought I would have!! I feel fitter, happier, more confident in myself as the phrase goes, “if you look good, you feel good”!”

“The Fight Fit family are a great bunch of folks, all with the same mindset… push hard, work hard, play harder!! I am very grateful to Ben, Em & Rhonda for giving me something I never thought I could have. Fitness, happiness and the greatest lifestyle change ever!!”