Meet Kimberley 

Fight Fit member Kimberley started attending Fight Fit classes in January and WOW what a year’s she had!

Kimberley Fight FitLet’s hear from Kimberley about her Fight Fit experience and what she enjoys most about attending classes.

“I started my Fight Fit journey in January 2017. It has completely changed my life and the things I do day to day.

I had my son three years ago and was mortified with what I saw when I stood naked in front of the mirror. I knew things had to change, I had tried many different diets which I didn’t stick to… I love my food, especially takeaways!”

One day I saw an advert for Fight Fit on Facebook and messaged for further information. I started off with Fight Fit Combat at Drax, then joined Fight Fit Abs and recently discovered Fight Fit Tone!

I was quite scared and nervous about going on my own so my sister-in-law came with me. As soon as we walked in we were met by the lovely Jane and Lins who instantly made us feel welcome. I couldn’t imagine going to class and them not being there, I now feel part of the Fight Fit Family!”

“These days I couldn’t imagine not going to class, I absolutely love every single one and love everyone that goes. I have met some amazing people on my Fight Fit journey and we have become good friends.”

“I haven’t really watched what I have been eating, still stuffing my face with all sorts! My weight loss is entirely down to Fight Fit classes, I have lost two stone in 10 months!”

“I just want to thank Lins and Jane for all their hard work pushing me in class and motivating me. Without them I don’t know where I’d be!”