There’s no need to panic about the lack of Fight Fit Combat Fitness classes next week… even going for a walk will help you to become fitter and feel more healthy. It’s also one of the simplest ways to burn calories too.

go-for-a-walk-picYou don’t even have to walk miles to get a good workout either – as long as you keep moving and stay active you will do yourself wonders.

Did you know that if you walk or stroll at a pace of around 4.7 miles per hour (mph), you’ll actually burn as many calories per mile as you do when running?

What a 60kg person burns in 30 minutes…

  • strolling (2mph): 75 calories
  • walking (3mph): 99 calories
  • fast walking (4mph): 150 calories

Source: NHS website

For inspiration for a good walk, you could look at the Walk4Life website, which lets you enter your postcode to find a walk route local to you. Other useful websites include: Yorkshire Walks and Yorkshire Waters Walks and Leisure.

Even if you’re just out shopping or at work – always make sure you use the stairs instead of the escalators or lifts and walk to the local shop rather than driving the car.

For maximum results – follow our  5 TOP TIPS…

1) Swing your arms while you walk – not only will this make you move faster and burn more calories, it will also work your upper body – something you’ll miss from Fight Fit Combat Fitness!

2) Clench your bum cheeks! A bit like our Superman floor exercise, every few metres clench your bum cheeks together – it works your muscles even harder.

3) Fight Fit Combat Fitness is an interval training based program, which means combining short bursts of intense activity with spells of lower intensity. Try this with your walking too… mix short periods of brisk walking with a slower stroll pace.

4) Walk with someone! As you know, training alongside people is the best way to feel motivated – you can encourage each other to keep going.

5) Watch your posture – stand up straight but keep relaxed, keep your head up, hold your tummy in and breathe!