5 top tips for keeping fit this Easter

Follow our handy hints for staying in shape this Easter holiday and the long wait to the next Fight Fit Combat Fitness class may not seem as bad.

1) Go Easter Egg rolling
Clamber your way up a nice, steep hill and roll an egg from the very top. Then ‘scramble’ your way down, running as fast as you can after the egg. An eggcellent way to burn off those Mini Eggs.

2) Set an Easter Egg Hunt
Set yourself the challenge of coordinating an Easter egg hunt across your neighbourhood. Not only will all the local kids love you, but you can burn some calories off pounding the streets hiding all the eggs. An eggstremely awesome way to shift that fifth Cadbury’s Creme Egg.


Happy Easter guys!

3) Play Chase The Easter Bunny
Get your partner to dress up as the Easter Bunny (this may not be a new idea for some of you) and get them to run off as fast as they can… then chase after them at full speed. An eggstraordinary way to make up for all those Hot Cross Buns.

4) Hop to it
Why not hop and skip like a bunny – this form of exercise can work your shoulders, chest, arms and legs. Bunny ears are optional. An eggsemplary way to burn off that roast lamb and mint sauce.

5) Visit our YouTube channel and practice!
You know we don’t accept anything less than a 95% pass rate, so why not use the Easter break to hone your Fight Fit Combat Fitness skills! Visit our new YouTube channel and perfect your four main punches – jab, cross, hook and uppercut. Watch our How To Punch video now (the video will be replaced with a full-width video shortly). An eggceptional way to make up for that Lindt gold bunny.