online-shoppingLose some pounds while you spend some pounds! Here’s our top tips for burning calories while hitting the shops!

1) Next time you’re in ASDA, wear a backpack with a couple bags of sugar inside – this is a good form of resistance exercise which can boost the your muscles, bone strength and metabolism. Getting easy? Add more sugar to your bag as it becomes easier. BURNS 20 calories!

2) Coffee break! Instead of a large caffè latte and a double chocolate chip muffin, swap for a small fat-free latte and a low-fat raisin muffin. SAVES 340 calories!

3) Why not try on at least ten outfits! It takes some effort to try on 10 pairs of trousers and 10 tops. Watch your wallet by resisting the urge to splurge though! BURNS 60 calories!

4) Waiting in line to pay? Stand evenly on both feet, grab both hands behind your back and squeeze those shoulder blades together to open your chest – this is a superb move that stimulates the nervous system. Hold for 20 seconds while slowly breathing in and out, taking your time on the inhale. BURNS 5 calories!

5) If you’re driving home after your shop, don’t relax! You can tone while sitting in traffic – squeeze your bum each time you tap the brake, holding for 10 seconds at a time. BURNS 10 calories!