Well done to Kathryn!

Let’s give a big cheer to Kathryn, our Fight Fit Combat Fitness MEMBER OF THE MONTH for October 2015.

Fight Fit Lins picked Kathryn for her super effort. She said: “Kathryn is dedicated, loves the tracks and routines, and is completely hardcore! She gets on with it and gives 110% effort! I love having her in class as she keeps the pace going.”

kathryn-newKathryn says: “Probably like a lot of people, I joined Fight Fit Combat Fitness to try to lose weight and tone up. I have four year-old twin boys and my baby girl has just turned one.  Needless to say, my body was a little on the flabby side and I felt really unfit and lacking in energy.”

“I’ve always enjoyed exercise and used to dance a lot when I was younger. I tried to take up running after my daughter was born, but I found it really hard work and difficult to motivate myself.  So my friend and I decided to try some exercise classes in the area and came across Linda’s Fight Fit Combat Fitness class in Hemingbrough.  I loved my first session and have been hooked ever since! I really like the fact that there are set routines and the tracks are really motivating, plenty of bass! Linda is really enthusiastic and a great instructor.”

“I’ve noticed a change in my body shape and I feel a lot more toned. I have a lot more energy these days and love to really throw myself into the routines.  Also, since starting back at work, I’m really appreciating the stress relief of a good fight fit class.  EEEEYYYYAAAAAA!”