Brilliant Fight-Fitters!

It’s high fives all around for two Fight Fit Combat Fitness members who have showed their awesomeness at classes this month.

Fight Fit Mand selected Michelle Janes as her member of the month for her “determination, commitment, great results and for always giving 100 per cent and having fun (and giggles!!)”.canstockphoto17548467

Michelle says: “I started Fight Fit Combat Fitness properly about three months ago alongside Slimming World and stopping smoking. I have never looked back and I LOVE IT.”

“Thanks to Fight Fit Mand for doing a class literally on my doorstep and being an amazingly motivating lady.”


Michelle shows determination and commitment

“I now try and do two classes a week and if I can’t get to one I try and go to another. I feel and look like a new person already having lost 1st 9.5lb in weight and the changes in my body shape are amazing thanks to now being fitter and more toned.”

“I still have a way to go on my weight loss journey but if it wasn’t for Fight Fit Ben and Fight Fit Mand, I would have never had this in my life.”

Sally-Anne Watson was selected Fight Fit Mand’s runner-up member of the month. “I chose her for her commitment to class and spreading the word for me with newbies,” said Fight Fit Mand. “And, most importantly, having a smile on her face all through class.”

Sally-Anne said: “After hearing lots of brilliant things about Fight Fit Combat Fitness and seeing the ever growing popularity of the classes, I just had to try it for myself. I’ve never been a fan of the gym and I hadn’t been able to stick at any other classes in the past, but I knew that I needed to do something to increase my fitness levels (which were next to none) and fight off some of the ever increasing inches on my hips!”

“I was nervous going to my first session as I wasn’t sure how I would keep up. I needn’t have worried though, Mandy walked all the newbies through the basic moves and gave clear instructions throughout all the tracks. With the music turned up and the relatively simple routines I quickly got into the rhythm, and my god did I feel the benefit!”

Sally-Anne is always smiling through class

Sally-Anne is always smiling through class

“By the end of the first class I was hooked, never have I worked so hard and enjoyed myself so much in a class – I walked out with the biggest grin on my face with the sweat literally dripping. Thank God it was raining outside! With different routines being introduced it’s impossible to get bored, although I swear they’re trying to kill me with the Crab track! I can’t recommend Fight Fit Combat Fitness highly enough, it’s a brilliant way to let off some steam, have some fun and really burn all those calories!”

Well done girls and we hope you enjoy your Fight Fit Combat Fitness goodies!