Hip hip hooray Marie!

Congratulations to our Fight Fit Combat Fitness Member of the Month for November…. Marie Fletcher.

Fight Fit Ben and Fight Fit Em chose Marie for her superb effort and dedication to getting fit and stronger.

Member of MonthFight Fit Ben explains: “When Marie started out, I think we can pretty safely say she had ZERO core strength. We remember her first FF Abs session and how she said there was no way she could do a certain exercise.”

“Four weeks later and she’s smashing out those abs exercises, getting stronger and stronger week by week.”

“Marie also is a hardcore Fight Fit Combat Fitness class member who gives it her all at every class. 10 out of 10 for effort, motivation and dedication. She’s a top Fight Fitter!”

Marie Fletcher says: “I have NEVER enjoyed exercising until I started coming to Fight Fit and I genuinely can’t wait for a Monday to do Fight Fit Abs followed by a Fight Fit Combat Fitness class.”

“It gets me through work knowing that I’ve got class to go to later, the same for Fridays – it’s an awesome way to finish the week off. I would go every night if I could and had the time!”

“You guys are so motivating and genuinely lovely people, I can’t big you up any more! I could go on for days about the benefits but the main one for me would be the stress relief.”

“I have also noticed a huge change to my core strength and I am feeling and looking more toned which is a huge bonus! I am so excited by this it’s unreal, thank you so much.”

Well done Marie!