Nice one Jacqui!

Jacqui Wilson is our Fight Fit Combat Fitness MEMBER OF THE MONTH for June 2015.

Fight Fit Ben and Fight Fit Em selected Jacqui for her hard work and super effort.jacqui-ff

Jacqui says: “What is the best thing anyone can hear? Well following two little ones, a change of body shape and wearing leggings for the majority of the last two years, I can’t tell you how good it is to fasten these jeans again -yep, the fellas in the photo!”

“I am so pleased that after years of persuasion from Fight Fit addict Sarah Boulton, I have joined the crew! I have completed three sets of  Fight Fit Abs classes and after eight Fight Fit Combat Fitness classes at Joseph Rowntree School, I was greeted with comments, such as ‘OMG Jacqui, you look amazing’ and ‘look how tiny your waist is’, which spurs you on to keep trying harder.”

“Fight Fit Combat Fitness is an amazing workout; Em and Ben work you so hard and make you sweat like never before. But most of all, it is great fun and the results clearly speak for themselves. I am loving every minute……come and join us and see for yourself.”

Fight Fit Ben says: “Picking Jacqui as our Member of the Month was easy. After initially attending Fight Fit Abs Jacqui plucked up the courage to give Fight Fit Combat Fitness a blast and guess what, she loved it!”

“In the short time Jacqui has been doing FFCF the change in her overall body shape is amazing. We also know that lots of other class members have commented on how well she looks. Well done Jacqui, it’s well deserved.”