Awesome Fight-Fitter!

Congratulations to Fight Fit Combat Fitness member June Mahon for her determination and hard work this month.

Fight Fit Lisa and Fight Fit Shell have chosen June as their MEMBER OF THE MONTH for “always smiling and never giving up”.

Well Done June!

“June always shows dedication to our classes and is always the first one through the door,” explains FF Shell and FF Lisa. “She is supportive, not only towards the Fight Fit Combat Fitness instructors but to members and newbies too.”

“She is full of enthusiasm and always puts in 100% effort every class, which has led her to become an amazing role model for all other class members in terms of inch loss, weight loss, sheer determination and never giving up.”

“Most importantly, she is always smiling, even when we shout for more!”

June says: “A friend had been asking me to go to Fight Fit Combat classes for months and then when Fight Fit Lisa and Fight Fit Shell started a class in Acomb, I no longer had any excuses.”

“So I started doing one class a week in September 2014 and now I am addicted and I do three or four classes a week. It is great fun, easy to follow and a fantastic stress buster.”

“The instructors are lovely and really supportive, plus the other Fight Fitters are very welcoming and I have made some great friends. I can honestly say that I have never enjoyed exercise as much as I do now.”

Check out Fight Fit Lisa and Fight Fit Shell’s classes.