Nice one Barry!

Congratulations to Fight Fit Combat Fitness member Barry Kennedy for his hard work and supreme effort in February.

Fight Fit Ben and Fight Fit Em chose Barry as their MEMBER OF THE MONTH for “being full of enthusiasm” and for showing others great technique.

barry-kennedy“Selecting Barry as member of the month was easy,” says Fight Fit Ben. “Barry turns up at class full of enthusiasm and gives it his all at each session. We have noticed a massive difference in his level of fitness since his time at the class.”

“He’s a confident ‘Fight-Off’ leader who has a pretty healthy success rate of Fight-Off wins. Barry is definitely a role model for others at class – he takes up his front row position and we notice others do follow him throughout track routines. A great guy, always smiling and he loves his Fight Fit Combat Fitness.”

Barry says: “I was a complete sceptic (probably like most guys) about what I saw as ‘aerobic style, jump about classes’; I thought they were for women wearing luminous leg warmers – although Ben might suit them. However I heard about Fight Fit Combat Fitness classes through my mate Jon and thought I would give it a go as the times really suited me.”

“It’s proper interval training and provides seriously good core fitness – something I wouldn’t have the self-discipline to do without Fight Fit Combat Fitness. Several close friends have asked what I have been doing for fitness, as they can see a difference since I joined the Fight Fit community in the last nine months or so.”

“There must be a whole audience of guys, who like myself think it isn’t for them, but I spread the word that it’s a mixed class and I would challenge anyone to try three classes and then admit what a damn good workout it is.”