Fight Fit Combat Fitness is heading to Goole – who’s ready to take part in our super popular fitness classes?

Currently available in York and Selby, Fight Fit classes have a track record for delivering fitness results and we’ve been bombarded with shouts for Fight Fit Combat Fitness classes in other locations around Yorkshire and across the UK.

Fight Fit GooleFight Fit Lins, who already owns the Fight Fit Combat Fitness Franchise for Selby, has teamed up with official instructor Fight Fit Jane to take on the Goole area.

Fight Fit Ben says: “We’re very excited for Lins and Jane with their new venture. There’s a massive demand for quality community classes in their chosen area and we will help them do everything possible to make their business a success.”

“Lins has already made a success and built up her Selby area and understands what it takes to make this happen. Their partnership in this joint venture will certainly take things to new heights.”

“No doubt the girls we be looking to recruit some instructors now in these areas. Congratulations to the pair. Fight Fit Combat Fitness continues to grow.”

Fight Fit Jane says: “I’m incredibly excited to be going into the Goole Fight Fit Franchise with Lins as it marks my first year as an instructor with Fight Fit, which is fantastic! I can’t wait to meet Goole members and get them addicted to Fight Fit too!”

“Goole is the perfect addition to Lins’s Selby Franchise and offers more classes for existing Selby members.”

The new Goole classes launch in September. Full timetable of Fight Fit classescan be found here.