Fight Fit: The Truth!

If you’re unsure about joining our classes, don’t be! Read on to make sure you’re not wrong about Fight Fit Combat Fitness before you start.

canstockphoto204870801) Fight Fit Combat Fitness is only for young, fit people – WRONG!
Fight Fit Combat Fitness is suitable for everyone from the age of 16 and above – men and women of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. It doesn’t matter if you are overweight or very unfit – that’s why we are here to help! You can put as much effort in to the class as you feel you can – regularly attending our classes can assist with weight loss but can also help with toning and general fitness.

2) Fight Fit Combat Fitness will be too easy for me – WRONG!
On the flipside, we often hear people wrongly say our classes will be too easy for them as they’re already regular runners or have been to the gym. Fight Fit Combat Fitness is as hard as you make it. Once you have been to our classes a few times, you can give it some welly and put more effort into routines, mastering the correct technique with hooks, elbow strikes and kicks. Fight Fit Combat Fitness is an interval based fitness training programme, which means alternating periods of high-intensity effort with periods of low-intensity effort, ideal for improving stamina and strength.

3) Fight Fit Combat Fitness is for ladies only – WRONG!
The best way for us to debunk this myth is to hear what male Fight Fit class regular Barry has to say: “I was a complete sceptic (probably like most guys) about what I saw as ‘aerobic style, jump about classes’; I thought they were for women wearing luminous leg warmers but it’s a mixed class offering proper interval training and provides seriously good core fitness.”

4) Fight Fit Combat Fitness is a boxing or contact class – WRONG!
Our workouts are inspired by martial arts but we don’t hit pads or kick punchbags and our classes are strictly non-contact (unless you feel like giving someone a sweaty hug). Instead we use a combination of upper and lower body combinations to choreographed routines.
Some members wear gloves but that’s because they provide wrist support and ensure you’re holding your fist in the right position for punches. They can also stop longer nails digging into your hands!

5) Fight Fit Combat Fitness will leave me with bulky arms – WRONG!
If you use proper techniques on your punches and uppercuts you will be using your whole body not just your arms. Fight Fit Combat Fitness can help with your bingo wings but also strengthens your legs, core and back too – leaving you lean and toned, not big and bulky.