FF Weight Management Programme

We don’t believe in FAD diets. Learning how to eat healthy with balanced nutrition is what we teach and we GET THE RESULTS!

This is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE for people looking for LONG-TERM results.

Our Weight Management Programme (WMP) is super popular because IT WORKS. It’s OK having a diet plan thrown under your nose and being told to ‘follow this’ but this isn’t educating you. We push our clients to understand what is important and why.

STEP 1) This involves you competing a blank food form which shows us your current eating habits (bad and good).

– We’ll ask you to complete a health check questionnaire
– We’ll sit down and discuss your goals and create an Action plan
– Together we’ll review your current eating habits

STEP 2) Then we’ll assess your current activity level. 

– Are you moving enough to burn what you’re consuming?
– From this we’ll look at your personal calorie requirements. What you need in the way of Carbs, Proteins and Fats to function.
– Then from this we will work out your WEIGHT CONTROL CALCULATIONS. What changes we need to make in order for you to lose weight effectively.
– We’ll calculate your Fat free mass and keep a record to show you changes
– Then carry out a full assessment recording your weight, measurements, body fat %


Every 4 weeks we will then meet up and review your progress. You’ll also be sent new healthy recipes that you can include into your plan.

After 3 months you may have gained all the knowledge you need to go ‘out on your own’ which we encourage. However, some people still like to be accountable to someone, which is fine. This is where we offer you the ‘ON TRACK’ continuation programme.


This is totally optional. By month 3 you will have learnt what works for you but some people find a regular check up to monitor their maintenance or progress helps keep them ON TRACK!

With the ON TRACK programme, you can continue monthly with message support, monthly catch up with full assessments to record results, new recipes sent directly to you and more……….

You have the right to cancel and leave the programme at any point. To continue with ON TRACK costs just £45 per month.

REMEMBER – LOSING WEIGHT DOESN’T NEED TO BE HARD WORK. Knowledge is a powerful thing and the more YOU ABSORB that we can teach YOU, the better your results.

Read a few of our Client posts on social media below.

Claire's Testimonial

I feel amazing. I’m not finding it a struggle at all. The support is amazing and being accountable to someone helps me keep focused . Already I’m so happy with my results. Thank you so much.

Becca's Testimonial

I’m so, so happy. I’ve never been able to lose weight and honestly thought I’d stay this shape and weight forever. As Ben says ‘A bit of willpower is necessary early on but then these become good habits’. I really don’t feel like I’m missing out at all as I absolutely love the food. I’ve learnt a lot and I’m sure I’ll continue to do so.

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