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Fight Fit Combat Fitness is a friendly and fun one-hour martial arts to music workout aimed at men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

Our popular York fitness classes have been designed to give your whole body a workout with its upper and lower body combinations – in just one class, some members burn up to 1,200 calories.

The Fight Fit Combat Fitness team has studied many forms of martial arts including karate, capoeira, kick-boxing, Muay Thai and boxing – taking techniques from each style to create our exhilarating and unique fitness class.

Why our classes work

Martial arts have been proven to be one of the best forms of exercise to work the entire body, incorporating all muscle groups.

Not only that but martial arts have many psychological and emotional benefits too, such as improving your discipline, confidence and self-esteem.

We’re always listening to new music to find the right tracks for our expertly choreographed routines.

How classes will help you…

–Improves heart and lung strength & reduces the risk of heart disease
–Greatly assists with weight loss, toning and general fitness
–Improves flexibility and suppleness
–Builds self confidence
–Improves strength & power
–Learn techniques from several forms of martial arts
–Improves posture and core strength
–Develops co-ordination and agility
–Leaves you looking toned, athletic and seriously ripped.

All you need to know…

What do I wear?

Wear something light and comfortable that you can move freely in – our routines can include kicks and jump knees.

What do I bring?

It can get hot and sweaty in our classes, so bring a towel and bottle of water. We also do abdominal exercises, so you can bring an exercise mat or towel for added comfort.

Where do I park?

All our venues offer either street parking or small car parks.

Why do we need to shout during class?

We encourage you to shout for several reasons – as well as being a fantastic stress relief, it’s also a brilliant way to control your breathing.

Why are some people wearing gloves?

Fight Fit Combat Fitness is a non-contact sport so gloves are not essential but they can give you support and ensure you’re holding your wrist and fist in the right position. We’re also told they can stop your nails digging into your hands! You can buy gloves in our Online Shop.

I am not very fit or coordinated – will I look an idiot?!

Anyone can join our York fitness classes – our routines combine simple arm and leg exercises into easy-to-follow routines. The beauty of Fight Fit Combat Fitness is that you can put as much effort in to the class as you want to and set your own pace – making it as easy or intense as you want it to be. We say it takes at least three classes before you pick up the routines, so just have fun!

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Our mission is to help you achieve your personal goals – whether that’s to lose weight, tone up or improve your fitness. We offer popular  fitness classes in York, Selby, Goole and Wheldrake), alongside online fitness and dietary help and advice!

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