Should I be doing more cardio or weight training?

People often ask us if there is much of a difference between cardio workouts and strength training workouts and what results they each deliver.

cardio or weightsSure, Fight Fit Tone will no doubt make you stronger and Combat Fitness helps you blow off some steam, but will one type of workout really give you leaner legs and arms, or protect you from injury, or produce a six-pack more than another?

You may already run, go for bike rides, swim or take part in some form of heart-pumping exercise every week. But unless you mix up your workouts a little and try something different, you are eventually going to stop seeing results.

Got the cardio wrapped up? Then perhaps consider a class that blends strength training with flexibility work. As well as helping to prevent injuries, they will also make you stronger, faster and fitter.

As an example, Fight Fit Tone is all about isolating and working individual muscle groups – making them stronger, making you more defined and focussing on strength and conditioning. There’s a common misconception – usually from women – that any class that uses weights are for men. WRONG! This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Maybe you’re one of these people that already hits the gym and lifts weights. That’s great but how are you cardio-wise. Can you run upstairs or chase after that bus without breathing heavy? Can you play football with your child for 20 minutes without feeling like you are about to keel over and die?

Introducing a cardio-based class into your workout, such as Fight Fit Combat Fitness, will not only make you fitter, it will also help you lose excess body fat with its high intensity interval-based training method. Not only that but it’s FUN!

Fight Fit is a one-stop shop covering all forms of training classes.


Resistance for shaping and toning


For that ultimate cardio rush which blasts the calories


Putting a focus on your core gaining strength and tightening that midsection


All round general fitness touching on both cardio and resistance training


One-on-one personalised fitness to take you where you want to go, FAST!

Fight Fit classes are available in York and Selby.