Get the right shoes!

What are the best shoes for Fight Fit Combat Fitness? It’s a question we’re often asked – probably as there are so many styles and types of trainers out there to choose from!

adidas-trainersBut proper-fitting trainers can make all the difference when you exercise. And with all the footwork involved in a Fight Fit class, you’ll need good quality supportive trainers to stop you going over or twisting your ankle.

At the most basic level, you need to look for a shoe with a cushioned sole and plenty of support. Some shoes can give a bit and give very little support round the ankle.

You’ll want to be light on your feet so avoid heavy, clumpy trainers.

You could try a ‘wet test’ to help you choose the right sports shoe. Wet the sole of your foot and stand on paper – the shape of your footprint will tell you if you have flat or high arches.

Low or flat feet means your feet roll inward, leading to extra wear on the outside heel and inside foot. If your wet footprint shows a high arch, your foot may not roll in much when you are moving around.

Think you know what size shoe you are? Think again. Our feet change as we get older, so experts at advise you have your feet measured two times a  year. Plus, remember that sizes change between brands, so it’s better to go by what fits rather than what size the shoe is.

As for what colour you choose…. we’ll leave that to you!