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Physical activity can help you deal with stress and anxiety and improve mental health.

The FF Fitness & Nutrition App provides a range of brilliant workouts and allows you to set personal goals for yourself.

You’ll also be part of a community of members who encourage one another and share advice.

Everyone raves about Fight Fit and its range of different workouts so we’ve packaged them up and you can NOW enjoy them from your LIVING ROOM.

Hook us up to the TV and enjoy ultimate cardio with FF COMBAT FITNESS, toning & shaping with FF PADFIT, flat tums & core strength with FF ABS and more……..

There’s no better time to jump on board. Do as many sessions as you can handle.

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Cancel at any time (but we’re confident you won’t.)

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Read what people say about the App!


Fight Fit has been keeping me fit, healthy and sane (matter of opinion) for the last 8 years. In these strange current times I knew I was going to lose my beloved classes but for the good of all, it had to happen. Then along came the FF App!  I was saved! I was a little concerned how this was going to work, but I shouldn’t have been. So easy to use. I have all my favourite workouts available to me any time. Reminders and support constantly from Ben & Em and the rest of the FF Family (miss you guys, but so good to hear from you all on here) I have my aches back and the reassuring tones of Ben & Em guiding me through my workouts. Massive thank you Ben & Em for putting this together so quickly & brilliantly to support all the team. Can’t recommend it enough.


Keeping physically and mentally healthy during these difficult times is so important! This app provides not only a whole range of great workouts but also a community of like minded people who you can communicate with to share encouragement, advice, recipes, jokes and your fitness successes! Having Ben and Emma’s voices booming out in my home is awesome – it’s just like being in their classes! I can’t recommend this app enough, it provides great value for money and I promise you ….. it will keep you sane and in shape during these tough times!!


If you want THE best fitness app, look no further! This has everything you could ever want – Cardio, HIIT, abs, resistance, and the brilliant Fight Fit Combat and Fight Fit pads. Your plan is tailored for your personal needs, and you can add in your own activities – and you can sync with your Fitbit, Apple watch etc. We’re going through a really strange and difficult time at the moment, and the app and the Fight Fit family are really helping me get through it, I can still do all my favourite classes at home. Give it a try, you’ll love it!!


I’m so thankful for this app, it means I get to continue doing the exercise sessions I love from my own home and I can schedule them around family life at my own convenience. The HIIT and abs sessions are only 15-20 mins long so easy to fit in and don’t require any equipment other than a mat if you wish. You can schedule as many sessions or as little each week depending on what you’ve got going on. You also have access to a great, supportive community and people can exchange tips, healthy recipes and general words of encouragement. Download the app, it’s easy and you won’t regret it, it’s keeping me active, sane and happy in crazy times!


The FF app has been a game changer for me and so many others. It’s not just a fitness app, it offers connections to each other though the chat groups where we can each log our activities and congratulate each other on our fitness achievements. It offers advice and meal ideas to help maintain our nutrition during this difficult time too as well as supporting our mental health and wellbeing. It allows me to carry on exercise classes from home, in my own time working around the kids etc, and the rest of the family can join in also. The way it’s filmed makes me feel like Ben is actually in my kitchen shouting out the moves at me!! Being able to keep up the FF community from our homes in this difficult time is amazing – Ben and Em you’ve done an amazing job – thank you!!


Fight Fit classes slowly came to halt as we entered a pandemic that would isolate the nation! But just 48 hours after lockdown, Ben and Em worked their magic and launched the FF Fitness and Nutrition app! Our FF family back together, with virtual classes that we all know, love and miss so much. Combat, Abs, HIIT, pads and more still to come! You can also add your own exercises to the app with ongoing advice and support from Ben and Em. A group chat to keep you motivated and share ideas. All in one place! In the first 4 days, I’ve used and accessed the app more than I would the gym AND my Fitbit app. At a time when so much uncertainty is interfering with our day to day lives, I turn off the news, disconnect social media and launch the FF app which helps give me a stronger, healthier and much more positive perspective to all this madness!