Meet Anna 

Fight Fit member Anna Fairley has achieved some amazing results in such a short space of time. She attends Fight Fit Abs, Fight Fit Combat Fitness, Fit Fit Tone and Fight Fit PT Circuits.

Anna FairleyLet’s hear from Anna about her Fight Fit experience and what she enjoys most about attending classes.

“I was dragged along to my first ever Fight Fit Combat Fitness class and I felt so very nervous! The nerves soon vanished within seconds of meeting Fight Fit Em as she instantly she made me feel at ease.

I remember she asked me a few questions about what I had previously done exercise-wise and what I was looking for. I had done boot camp-style exercise classes and the gym for the previous six years but felt like I had completely lost my motivation (post tummy op and car accident) and was wanting to get my teeth back into something.

Anna Fight Fit journeyI said I was missing that ‘ache’…. that bloomin ‘ache’ has never left me since!

I often attend up to five classes a week (thank goodness for Gold Membership!) and the PT circuits at FF HQ.

Fight Fit Tone – a class is like no other. Who would think high reps and fairly low weights could make such a difference. This is a very challenging class and mind over matter definitely pays a part. You will be shocked at how quickly you gain strength and up your weights.

Fight Fit Abs is probably my strongest area, although I am still working to achieve that six pack! Em somehow manages to mix it up from week to week keeping the classes challenging and exciting. Thirty minutes of Abs is a toughy, but the definition you get is unreal.

Fight Fit Combat Fitness is a complete, all-over body workout and the music is ace. The combinations are simple but effective. The high intensity is exhilarating. You sweat like never before and your mood is improved within seconds of starting class. You also don’t feel daft if you go wrong, as we all do it.

Fight Fit PT Circuits – I am pushed outside my comfort zone in these small PT group – which is exactly what I asked for.  These small groups are great as it allows me to gain an even higher level of intensity…. Ben and Em definitely know how to get the best from you – focusing on different muscle groups from week to week. A sit in the car for five minutes after circuits is definitely required before you leave the premises.

The Fight Fit instructors – Ben and Em, and more recently Rhonda, work very hard at getting the best out of you in every class. Their enthusiasm and zest for fitness is infectious and they keep everything so very current and fresh . They are an absolute pleasure to be around.  Their motivational skills are amazing and I certainly thrive off what they do – I am very glad I met my FF family.

Don’t ever be afraid to be a beginner. The addiction will set in quicker than you could ever imagine.”

Anna Fight Fit